• Marc Goodson

Umbraco anti-patterns

Session topics:

Previously on Codegarden I talked about my adventures with liverpool.gov.uk and Umbraco; which in turn led me to leaving liverpool.gov.uk and working for the popular Umbraco Gold Partner Moriyama; where I expected to be building one shiny new Umbraco site after another; but in reality found myself inheriting site after site of crazily broken Umbraco implementations.

So we’re going to look at some really broken Umbraco implementations or common common mistakes, and apparently it’s not enough for me to show you these things and say “What on earth were they thinking ?” - and so I’ll also need to suggest how it might be betterly done.

This talk will give you ways to identify when you going down a wrong path in Umbraco, and better solutions to common challenges Umbraco developers face.